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Greyzdorf Capital LLC

Greyzdorf Capital is a privately held and self-funded company focused on investment in blockchain technology, real estate, digital assets, and DeFi platforms.



Greyzdorf Capital (GREYZ CAP) actively purchases, invests, trades, and raises capital for its real estate, asset management, and blockchain company by leveraging its insights, network, and capital access. Funds invested are for speculating on price movements on a range of assets using derivatives, trading cryptocurrencies, insuring against risk, and earning interest in savings-like accounts as a self-serve company.

What We Do

GREYZ CAP purchases medium to large volumes of USD stablecoins and lends the stablecoins to Greyzdorf BTR LLC. Greyzdorf BTR LLC is a independent globally insured defi blockchain company that is backed by a highly tradable A+ bond on Bloomberg against investment default.

Each Greyzdorf entity operates independently to provide real estate, construction, asset management, and blockchain expertise.

Besides utilizing USD stablecoins to create decentralized high yield vehicles, stablecoins are also loaned out and borrowed against to support its real estate acquisitions and constructing single-family rentals to be sold or held.

New construction single-family rental communities first phase completion August 2022.

GREYZ CAP Primary Investor

Rental Portfolio Underwriter

USD Stablecoin Purchaser

Rental Portfolio Trader

Real Estate Financier

Global Partnerships

A+ Investment Insurance Backed

USD stablecoins borrowed by Greyzdorf BTR LLC, an independent defi blockchain company, are insured against investment default with an A+ Insurance Rated Global Company.

We are

The enormous liquidity of the new asset class of single-family rentals infrastructure is a foundation that Greyzdorf has built our platform. Tapping into the blockchain's decentralized finance high yield market brings uniqueness to that platform.

We practice

Greyzdorf BTR LLC delivers the highest interest yields at the lowest risk, whether to GREYZ CAP or a Venture Debt lender. Greyzdorf BTR LLC is backed by a highly tradable A+ Insurance Bond on Bloomberg.

We deliver

Access to capital solely based on rental incomes increases GREYZ CAP lending leverage, and Greyzdorf BTR's position as an A+ globally insured blockchain decentralized finance platform provides independence from the typical lender's structure.


The information contained herein is not, and shall not constitute an offer to sell, a solicitation of an offer to buy or an offer to purchase any securities, nor should it be deemed to be an offer, or a solicitation of an offer, to purchase or sell any investment product or service.

Contact Us

Venture Debt Lender? Want to know about GREYZ CAP providing an Global Insurance Bond against investment default that can be traded on Bloomberg? Call us or drop us an email, and we will reply to you as soon as we can.

1 (855) 51-GREYZ
1 (855) 514-7399

Mailing Address: 285 West Wieuca Road Northeast P.O. Box 4122 Atlanta, GA 30342 United States