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Greyzdorf Capital LLC

Greyzdorf Capital is a Self-serve Global Private Capital Markets FinTech Platform.



Greyzdorf Capital (GREYZ CAP) actively invest, trades and raises capital for its real estate, asset management, and blockchain company by leveraging its insights, network, and capital access. Funds are invested to speculate on price movements on a range of assets using derivatives, trade cryptocurrencies, insure against risk, and earn interest in savings-like accounts only to profit Greyzdorf.

What We Do

Greyzdorf Real Estate Trust has a three year $195,000,000+ land development project. The 400-acre, 650-lot subdivision is in northern Georgia. The rental homes will be presold in portfolios of no less than 35 homes per subdivision. The acquisitions will be completed as fixed income bonds and NFTs created by Greyzdorf BTR and offered in developed and pre-developed opportunities on our NFT Real Estate Marketplace or traded on Bloomberg.

Active Bookrunner

10 Year Bonds & NFTs

Passive Bookrunner

Qualified Institutional Buyers


Global Partnerships

Fixed Income Bond & NFT Real Estate Marketplace

A Global Insurance Company underwrites Greyzdorf BTR against loan default, and the NFTs are packaged for Venture Debt Companies seeking ten years 3-5% interest bonds that can be traded on Bloomberg as well. Greyzdorf Capital validates and underwrites all bids on the NFT marketplace.

We are

Greyzdorf Capital and Greyzdorf BTR is developing new ways to support and manage the application of NFTs, such as rental homeownership transfer for entire homes, not fractions. It is much easier to transfer 100% property rights for a real estate asset via blockchain without triggering the securities' law violation.

We practice

A Greyzdorf sale will work; first, there is legal preparation for selling a property as an NFT. An NFT is "minted" that includes descriptive and legal documents about the property, including paperwork, disclosures, reports, image files, and even videos. The NFT is proof of ownership.

We deliver

Greyzdorf BTR must tokenize real estate before it is placed on the blockchain. With an NFT, we can buy a house as an NFT and instantly borrow against the NFT using DeFi with a negotiated interest rate.


The information contained herein is not, and shall not constitute an offer to sell, a solicitation of an offer to buy or an offer to purchase any securities, nor should it be deemed to be an offer, or a solicitation of an offer, to purchase or sell any investment product or service.

Contact Us

Venture Debt Lender? Want to know about GREYZ CAP providing an Global Insurance Bond against loan default that can be traded on Bloomberg? Call us or drop us an email, and we will reply to you as soon as we can.

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Mailing Address: 285 West Wieuca Road North East P.O. Box 4122 Atlanta, GA 30342 United States