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Greyzdorf Capital LLC

Raising Equity and Debt Capital via Stablecoins & DeFi.



Greyzdorf Capital underwrites, builds, and supports its real estate, asset management and blockchain company by leveraging its insights, network, and access to capital. Greyzdorf Capital owns $70M of Greyzdorf Dollar (USDG) stablecoins and $8M of APR real estate equity stablecoins. We control $100M of Greyz digital securities for investment into the real estate market. Whether it is stablecoins or digital securities, Greyzdorf focuses on investing and raising capital via our proprietary Greyzdorf BTR DeFi platform.

What we Do

Greyz DeFi proprietary platform allows Greyzdorf to borrow funds from others, speculate on price movements on a range of assets using derivatives, trade cryptocurrencies, insure against risks, and earn interest in savings-like accounts only for the profit of Greyzdorf.

DeFi Stablecoin Lending

Raising Equity & Debt Capital

Well Documented

Smart Contracts

DeFi Customizable

24/7 Tech Support

Greyz proprietary DeFi platform

Greyz DeFi underwriting and the lending platform are decentralized, and code rather than people handle transactions. Smart contracts use algorithms and protocols to automate loan payouts.

We are

For Greyz DeFi to underwrite real estate or crypto loans on our platform is quick as borrowers need not pass any due diligence. Thanks to Greyz DeFi smart contracts, all users need to apply for the loan is to send the real estate or crypto they want to use as collateral to a specified wallet associated with the lending platform.

We practice

Greyz DeFi decentralized lending platform can apply for a loan of any size without confirming their identity to a third party. Loans can be supported in real estate, stablecoins such as TUSD, fiat currencies, or cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum or BTC.

We deliver

Any real estate or crypto borrower can access the protocols on a decentralized finance platform, making them transparent, as nothing can be hidden on the blockchain.

We create and innovate

Now is the time to learn about DeFi because decentralized finance will be a wave for a generation, and the early adopters will be the ones to make the big long-term money.

Institutional DeFi Lending

Greyz DeFi is an institutional lending platform for Greyzdorf to take part in the modern financial markets with ease.









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(855) 51-GREYZ
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Mailing Address: 285 West Wieuca Road North East PO Box 4122 Atlanta, GA 30342,
United States